I make games. They are often uploaded to first, so check there to see what’s new!

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Where Dark Things Dwell

I contributed to Secret City Adventures’ 60-player, outdoor, nighttime village adventure, Where Dark Things Dwell. I provided logistical and management support, as well as contributing to game script, puzzle design, props and costumes.

Bubble Trouble

I created Bubble Trouble with Jillian Wakarchuk for It’s Gonna Stick: A Queer blablabla. Bubble Trouble is a co-operative arcade game that I programmed, designed levels for, and created custom arcade controllers out of cardboard.

Night of the Four Houses

I contributed to the meta-game for the Hand Eye Society’s annual Ball in 2018, Night of the Four. You can read about the ball and see more photos here.

Play Witch's Cottage

Witch’s Cottage is a tabletop RPG adventure for 5e.

Play The Crooked Tower

The Crooked Tower is a tabletop RPG adventure for 5e.

Play Crystal Witch Cyber Jamz

Crystal Witch Cyber Jamz is a Twine game by Jillian Wakarchuk. I contributed writing and 3D models.

Play Power Hungry

Power Hungry is an arcade game made by me and Jillian Wakarchuk. It’s about misogyny and the corporate environment.

Play Inertia

Inertia is an interactive fiction game by me and Jillian Wakarchuk using Twine. It’s about life in the suburbs and coping with loss. It was created for FILM 410 at Queen’s University and supervised by Emily Pelstring. The game includes discussion of death, mental illness, injury, and hospitalization.

Play Opening Night

Opening Night is a text adventure game about community theatre and creative problem solving. The game includes discussion of alcohol.